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January 04, 2009


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Charlene Olivas

You look great!!!!! Wow it's amazing how much younger we look when we lose weight. You have definitely inspired me :)
Happy 2009!

Shari Johnson

Fantatic! You look great. After I have this baby I'm going to loss some weight. Marcy gave me some cute jeans to get me motivated. Way to go though!


Your post made me smile and even tear up a bit! It was very inspiring to read. And yes, I do know what you mean by vibrating at a higher frequency. It sounds like you have been learning about the law of attraction??? At any rate... you look fabulous and I'm happy for you! :-)


You look great! I too have had success in that department over the past year and it has felt great! I think you said it best when you said that the outside you isn't holding you back anymore! I love that! I am glad that you reminded me to take a minute and celebrate! I never do that, I am always just looking ahead to the next thing! Thanks!


Jamie, you really are an inspiration to me. Oh if only I had the control you did :)

My biggest triumph of 2008 definitely has to be baby Sullivan and not having a break down first :)

Stacy Summers

Isn't that great! You are an example! You look beautiful and happy. I will take time to pat myself on the pat a little more often and say, "Good Job Self!"

Brandi Schneider

I think that is great! Good for you... I would have to say that I could definatly relate to what you are saying!

On a different note... I AM HERE!!! YAY! We are moved and settled. Now we need to hook- up! So, I think you emailed me your info... I'll have to search in my email to find it. One question... how long did it take for you to get use to the cold??? I just need to prepare myself! :-)


That is great! Hopefully I look that good in a year! Thanks for the motivation.

BTY I just made my blog private, so if ya want to see it, just email me @ and I'll send ya an invite :)

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